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Are there cheats or hacks for more points?
Often, it is asked whether you are more points and a higher score not simply by ahack cheat can. There’s some dubious deals that promise just that one while on theInternet, these are usually only on your access data. There are no tricks within secondsthousands of points to get and accordingly, there are also no cheats for it. We canonly recommend to anyone to leave such Web pages.
You can watch again the trick with the dispatch of an image to multiple recipients toquickly increase the score, in the linked video.
How can you get Snapchat points quickly, and what is the meaning behind the score?The developers of Snapchat are well known for regular innovations and in theframework of the new trophies again came the previously rather useless points on theplan. For many months, you have the possibility to improve friends where you use itmuch and regularly send snaps in Snapchat of the score. While a majority of users hasnoticed the own score on Snapchat certainly not the topic on the basis of the trophiesin the trophy case is becoming increasingly important. You can find out why this is so,how you can get more points in Snapchat and what is the significance, in thefollowing paragraphs.


Get Snapchat points: tips and tricks
Everyone who already uses the app and has sent some snaps in the past who can justtake a look at the settings and look at his current score. Certainly you have can earnalready some points and these are also included in the calculation to unlock of alltrophies. Below we have summarized some tips and tricks friends, so you can earnmore points of Snapchat.

For each sent Snapchat you will get a certain number of points credited, this appliesalso to received pictures from your friends and contacts.
In addition to the delivery of images, also creating videos with points for your scorewill be rewarded.
With a little trick you can get currently quite quickly many points. If you send a pictureyou need to select multiple recipients, and you get Snapchat points for eachadditional contact.
Basically you can hold, just regularly use Snapchat and already score over time in thelevel will shoot your.


Importance of points in Snapchat


The importance of the points is quite easily explained. It is just a kind of experience points and indicates how often and how intensely you use the app. Because you canincrease the score by sending and receiving pictures and videos, can be seen alreadyit is how often the person in Snapchat on the road. The purpose of the score is nowclear through the new Snapchat trophies as mentioned above. For certain trophies inyour trophy case, you need a certain score. So you need all 500,000 points for thebaby trophy for example 10 points and a spirit trophy.

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